Reading list

Here's a list of what I've read while on my Fulbright:

In English:


Kurozumikyo and the New Religions of Japan by Helen Hardacre
Basic Terms of Shinto
Japan's New Buddhism by Kiyoaki Murata
To Dream of Dreams by David M. O'Brien
Marketing the Menacing Fetus in Japan by Helen Hardacre
Religious Violence in Contemporary Japan by Ian Reader
The Rush Hour of the Gods by H. Neill McFarland
Confucian Values and Popular Zen by Janine Anderson Sawada
Gedatsu-kai and Religion in Contemporary Japan by H. Byron Earhart
Lay Buddhism in Contemporary Japan by Helen Hardacre
Ancestor Worship in Contemporary Japan by Robert J. Smith


"Resurrecting the Sacred Land of Japan: The State of Shinto in the Twenty-First Century" by John Breen
"Editor's Introduction: Feminism and Religion in Contemporary Japan" by Kawahashi Noriko and Kuroki Masako
"Festival and Neighborhood Association: A Case Study of the Kamimachi Neighborhood in Chichibu" by Akaike Noriaki
"The Symbolism of the Shishi Performance as a Community Ritual" by Sakurai Haruo

In Japanese:

『神道の常識がわかる小事典』 by 三橋健
『神と仏の出逢う国』by 鎌田東二
『とこわかの森』by チェリ, illustrated by みや ひろえ
『天皇制国家と宗教』by 村上重良

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