Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, also known as Thursday

Things/people I am thankful for:
- my friends who have put up with super-stressed-and-adjusting-to-a-new-culture Dana, especially Geoff and Mary, without whom I would probably be in a puddle of death all over the floor
- my family for being my family
- my bro for...actually, I take that back.  WHAT THE FORK, BRO.
- all you people who keep up correspondence with me, especially Sitar and Julia; your emails/letters make my day
- Nakano-san and Itou-san for being amazing and helpful and letting me ask strange questions
- the ujiko of Susanoo Shrine for being amazing and letting me sit in on their festivals and teaching me things even though I'm a weird gaijin
- persimmons for being delicious OM NOM NOM
- Alex for sharing an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with me* and talking about sex and religion** and destroying me at that taiko game
- the folks at the Nanzan Institute for Religious Studies, especially Professor Dorman who just got me an interview because he is THAT AWESOME
- the girls of Japanese III, especially O-san, JoJo-san, Ton-chan, and Kocchan for being awesome and friendly and thinking I have Disney princess hair
- my fellow Fulbrighters for being INSPIRING; seriously, guys, stop being so awesome
- Fulbright for giving me the opportunity to even be here, because, let's face it, getting paid to do what I love is pretty fantastic
- my bed for being warm and snuggly

G'night, and happy Thanksgiving!

*At Shooters, which is basically a gaijin bar.  It was my first visit to a bar, whoo? Also, it was a surprisingly good dinner!

**Dang, we should have thrown some politics in there as well to round out our controversial topics.
If you don't already know, Alex is studying LGBT culture and I'm studying religion, so we were talking about research.  Heh.

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