Monday, July 30, 2012

帰国 obviously this isn't a post about my Misogi Shrine trip.  My life has been insanely busy the past few days--today, for example, I finished packing my entire room into two suitcases and two boxes (and spent more than $200 sending them back to the States, EW), cancelled my cell phone contract,* hauled two boxes down the post office to send them off, sent my big suitcase to the airport, and then failed to get to the bank in time to transfer money back to my American account.  In unrelated news, my arms hurt.



Anyway, I'm definitely going to work on blog posts on the airplane (YAY, MORE AIRPLANE BLOGGING; WE KNOW HOW WELL THAT WENT LAST TIME!) if not before then, so expect actual posts with actual content at some point soon.  And for those of you in California, I'll be back on Wednesday!  (For those of you in the Boston/Providence area, I'll be back August 18.)


*It took friggin' forever and was also pretty awkward 'cause when I showed up at the Softbank store there was this American woman there who was LITERALLY SCREAMING in English at the employees.  This woman was just being so horrible and treating the employees like they were idiots (OBVIOUSLY THEY'RE NOT GOING TO UNDERSTAND YOU SPEAKING ENGLISH, ESPECIALLY IF YOU KEEP TALKING TO THEM LIKE THEY'RE BABIES), I just wanted to apologize and say that not all Americans are that rude and aklslkfhdskjfhkjsahfdsakfaljka.  'Scuse me, being ashamed of my nationality.

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