Monday, January 30, 2012 life...

So I was going to have a post up today, but then my laptop decided now would be a great time to get fried* for absolutely no reason.**

That's why I'm currently typing this from my old laptop, which I brought along as backup.

Good grief, I had forgotten how bad this computer is.  It's not bad as in BAD, but more bad as in OLD and excessively asthmatic.

So, yeah, that's a huge pain.  So no new post today, because I will instead have to spend my evening retyping all my interview questions.


*It won't turn on.  I've tried taking out the batteries and putting back the batteries and forcing a reset and yelling at it and pleading and crying and threatening to disown it, but all that happens is the power button flashes at me.  If anyone knows a solution, lemme know, yeah?

**Okay, the only trigger I can think of is that I accidentally spilled some tea on the supposedly spill-proof keyboard.  And then I mopped it up and it was fine.  And then it wasn't fine.  Maybe it picked up a virus somehow?  A virus transmitted by tea?

Update: So I've gotten it to start up again in safe mode, but if I try to start it up normally the screen goes all weird and it crashes.  Looks like it's got a bug, basically.  I'm running some scans, so hopefully it will pick up whatever the problem is and CRUSH IT INTO PULP.
In the meantime, I'm copying down my interview questions and backing up my files and all that fun stuff.

And another update: Scanned my computer, nothing came up, shut it down, started it up in normal mode again, and now everything is back to normal.  I don't even know.

And a final update: So after everything was working fine, it stopped working fine, which is to say that my touchpad got possessed and Chrome stopped letting me switch tabs?  I don't even know.  But now it seems to be working again, so...I dunno.  I'm glad I don't have to send it in for repairs!

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