Monday, January 9, 2012

Not dead, just tired

This is not a real update, so don't get too excited.

I'm back in Nagoya now, where we actually have reasonable internet.  I honestly have no words to describe how horrifyingly bad Tour Club's internet was; our dial-up internet when I was a kid was faster (and also actually loaded pages).  Kyoto was pretty excellent, though, as always.

I will have full blogs about what we have been doing the past couple of days up soon, but keep in mind that my last graduate school application is due on the 15th, my Fulbright monthly report is also due on the 15th, and a short article for the Fulbright newsletter is due on the 18th.  Also, I seem to have caught some kind of cold, which has destroyed my energy (which is why I am not going to Japanese class today...I feel like a terrible person).  Also also, Miranda's heading back to the States on the 13th and Nick's heading back on the 16th.  So, long story short, I am exhausted, I have way too much writing to do, I am still gallivanting all over the place with the S-As, and I may not have a whole lot of writing time any time soon.

If you want your daily dose of Shinto geek-out, you can check out one of Kotaku's recent articles on otaku ema (sent to me by my bro).  There are some incorrect facts* but you can always enjoy the pictures!

*For example: "Back in 2009, 'ita-ema' (痛絵馬) began appearing."  There were definitely anime ema as far back at 2007, if not farther.  Perhaps they weren't at Kanda, but the article doesn't say "began appearing at Kanda."  The same goes with the listed numbers of ita-ema.

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