Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh boy, Japanese tech support

Remember how my right clicker died?  Well, it's still dead.  So I called Lenovo support services, which was...uh...exciting.  I asked for English support (I have no idea about computer terms in Japanese), but I probably would have been better off with Japanese support 'cause I wound up having to switch into Japanese anyway.  APPARENTLY the woman I was talking to didn't understand that "I live in a dormitory" does not mean "I work for a business which totally has a receptionist you can call to pick up my computer."  These are two fairly different phrases!
Anyway, I'm pretty sure she has no idea what my problem is, but apparently I get free computer support in Japan since I'm still under warranty, so The Computer Pick-Up Guys are coming to my dorm tomorrow to pick up my computer and hopefully fix it before I have to go to Tokyo.

In the meantime, I'll be on my Amazingly Excellent Old Computer ("the redhead," who still needs a better name) which is OLD and also asthmatic, so it sounds like a jumbo jet taking off every time I turn it on.  SIGH.
I just hope they fix whatever's wrong with Konpyuutan quickly.


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