Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some announcements

1. I'm not going to post every day any more.  If you've ever tried to write a daily blog, you know what a time commitment it is, and, honestly, most of you probably don't want to read about a lot of the stuff I do all day.  Thus, my post schedule shall be "when I have stuff to talk about," which will probably be more than once a week but probably not be daily.

"But, Dana," you cry, "how will we know you're alive if you don't post?"  Well, there are lots of ways you could know.  For example, you could not assume I die every time I go more than twenty-four hours without writing anything.  Or you could email me or contact me through a number of instant messaging programs.  Or you could use semaphore or messenger pigeon or smoke signals or TELEPATHY.  I personally vote for telepathy, 'cause that's dang cool.

2. I'm going to try writing an academic post a week, which is to say a blog post with entirely academic content.  It'll probably random tidbits about Shinto, but, yeah.

3. Apparently finding rain boots in Japan will be difficult.  My foot is too wide for an M but too short for an L.  SIGH.

4. Here, have some Japanese comedy duo.

5. I got an interview with Mr. Takabayashi, who is the leader of my host brothers' boy scout troop in Kyoto.  He helped me with a chunk of my thesis and is a really nice and knowledgeable gentleman, so I'm super excited to be talking to him again.  We don't have a date set yet, but it'll probably be sometime in November, since my next few weekends are going to be taken up by the five thousand fall festivals occurring at local shrines.  Just counting the eight closest shrines to me, the festival schedule goes like this:
10/9: Festival at Gosha
10/10: Festival at Yagoto, festival at Shiogama
10/16: Festival at Kawahara, festival at Ikatsu
10/17: Festival at Shiogama, festival at Susanoo, festival at Kawahara

Basically, I need a time-turner.

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  1. I'm going to miss my daily dose of Dana. Good luck being multiple places at once. If you figure it out, please teach me! Aunt Cathy