Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey, guys, guess what I'm doing!


That's your hint!

Here's another hint:

The term State Shinto within the meaning of this directive will refer to that branch of Shinto (Kokka Shintō or Jinja Shintō ) which by official acts of the Japanese Government has been differentiated from the religion of Sect Shinto (Shūha Shintō or Kyōha Shintō) and has been classified a non-religious national cult commonly known as State Shinto, National Shinto or Shrine Shinto.

...if you speak Japanese, you can probably tell how horribly butchered my translation is.  OH WELL.

...also, it bothers me so much that there aren't any quotation marks in that entire passage.  I totally inserted them in my translation, because I am a terrible person.

FACT: I steal all my O's with lines over them from the Wikipedia article on Tokyo and all my U's from the Wikipedia article on Kyushu.  Yeeeeeeeeeeep.

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