Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Links, links, links

(This post is basically entirely links.  Yay?)

Hey, remember when I submitted an article to The Fulbrighter a million years ago?  Well, it's finally been posted online!  You can now read it in all its glorious snark gloriousness.

In other news, writing continues...slowly...excruciatingly slowly...buh...

In other other news, our Tuesday Japanese classes are now all student-taught (I unfortunately don't get to teach a week, 'cause the typhoon screwed up our schedule), and this week we learned how to make this Taiwanese dish call Oachen (at least, that's how you write it in Japanese, which means it's probably nothing like that in Chinese), which is kind of like...a gelatinous omelet?  Or a wiggly okonomiyaki?  It's tasty, but has SUCH a strange texture.

In final news, I was Googling my name for kicks (which was how I found out that my article was finally online) and found out that there are pictures of me presenting at the Chubu Fulbright meeting.  I basically look like a giant dork while presenting.  What is even happening with my right hand?  I'd also like to note that this is the picture they took of Austin.  He looks like an actually competent human being, who isn't trying to do some sort of firebending.  I am just glad that I have already been accepted to graduate school, because it would be really sad if some grad school was going to accept me, Googled my name, and then was like, "...nope, we want someone who presents with six thousand percent less energy and random hand shapes."

...back to writing now, I guess...

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