Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oranges + hot water = HEAVEN

I just wanted to let everyone know I made it to Takeo safely, although there were a few more adventures along the way than I would have cared to have.  One of the adventures was caused by the Shinkansen ticket machine, which decided that because I had asked for tickets for the 22nd, I actually wanted tickets for the 23rd.  Hijinks ensued, but, thankfully, were resolved by a really nice guy at the ticket counter.  THANK YOU, YAMADA-SAN.
In other news, Kyushu accent = SO WEIRD.

Unfortunately, Mary's internet and my computer seem to hate each other (or at least not want to hang out with each other), so until we figure out how to get them to cooperate (if we figure it out), I will not really have internet.  I will probably be able to steal Mary's computer occasionally, but will not have EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF TIME on the internets.  So if you email me and I don't respond, it doesn't mean I'm dead or ignoring you.  It probably just means that Mary's internets are excessively inaka.
Also, typing on a Mac is bizarre.  THERE ARE NO BUTTONS BELOW THE TRACK PAD WHAT TO DO.

On a final note, happy winter solstice!  We celebrated Japanese style, which is to say we put oranges in the bathtub (because Mary couldn't get yuzu*).  WHOO.

*It's a kind of pretty inedible citrus.  It smells really nice, though!  And I've eaten it.  Since, you know, it's inedible and all.  It seemed pretty edible to me, but, hey, what do I know?

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