Monday, December 12, 2011

This post is going to be exceedingly short, but I must spread the amazing news

Ton-chan: Hey, Dana, are you free on the 15th and 16th?
Me: Maybe.  Why?
Ton-chan: Well, some friends and I are going to a festival in Nagano, and I thought you might want to come along.
Me: Really?  That's awesome.
Ton-chan: Yeah, I've been before for fieldwork*, and it was really cool!  Oh, also, have you seen Spirited Away?
Me: Uh, yes?  Iloveitsomuch.
Ton-chan: Yeah, well, apparently Hayao Miyazaki based the spirit world off of this festival.
Ton-chan: It's going to be super cold.  Nagano is super cold.  It's in the MOUNTAINS.
Me: I've been to Nagano before, but it was in the fall...
Ton-chan: COLDER THAN THAT.  It is in the MOUNTAINS.  It is more mountain-y than mountains.  There are MONKEYS.
Other classmate: It's snowing right now too.
Ton-chan: So you want to come?
Me: YES.

Nagano, HERE I COME.

(Also, our paper has been moved so we don't have to turn it in until the 22nd of December or the 12th of January?  Yeah.)

(Also, I submitted four of my five graduate school applications today.)

(ALSO, WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Another day in the glamorous life of a Fulbrighter!)


*She's an anthropology major.

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