Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going on an adventure!

Just wanted to remind everyone that I'll be gone in Tokyo/Okinawa for the next week, so updates shall be fairly infrequent if they exist at all.  Current schedule looks like this:
Friday: Fulbright reception!  Be in the same room as the imperial couple!
Saturday - Sunday: Bum around Tokyo!  I have shrine recommendations from Nakano-san, and I might hit the Ghibli Museum because DANG IT I WANT TO GO.
Monday: Fly to Naha.
Tuesday - Wednesday: Bum around Naha with other Fulbrighters.
Thursday: Fly back to Nagoya.

In other news, I am sick with the cold to destroy all colds.  I wasn't aware that the human body could contain so much mucus.  I am hoping that I feel significantly better tomorrow, because walking onto campus to pay my rent kind of killed me, and I wound up skipping my Japanese class 'cause I felt like death warmed over.

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