Sunday, May 13, 2012

In which I eat even more Dutch food and nearly give myself a heart attack by drinking tea today I managed to overdose on caffeine.  It was really bad.  Apparently my caffeine tolerance is completely shot, because two cups of Earl Grey (with A LOT of milk) was enough to make my heart start racing and my brain feel like it had someone running a whole lot of very scratchy scarves through it.  (I don't know how else to describe it; it was really scary.)  On the upside, while I was busy languishing in caffeine death, Louki and Kim made poffertjes, which are like the world's tiniest pancakes.  You eat them with enough butter and powdered sugar to kill you; if you can't feel your arteries clogging as you eat them, you are probably doing it wrong.  Anyway, they are delicious! Also I am convinced that Dutch people eat pancakes of some kind for dinner every day, but Louki assures me that it's usually only about once a month.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

WHICH REMINDS ME, Abbie totally reminded me that you can get stroopwafels at Brown via Rip Van Wafels (which are sold in all the places that sell know what I mean, I hope).  So if you are on College Hill you should go get some stroopwafels RIGHT NOW.  And then you should EAT THEM.

In other news, Louki is Pinkie Pie and you will never be able to convince me otherwise because last night she randomly emerged from her room with a bunch of streamers and balloons and proceeded to turn our room into a party room.  I will not be surprised if she starts sneezing confetti.

In other other news, remember when I wrote that article for The Fulbrighter a million years ago?  Well, I FINALLY got my copy of the magazine (only two months late!), and hopefully the electronic version will be posted online sometime soon so I can link to it.  I wrote the most ridiculous article by far--everyone else wrote about their FEELINGS and How They Had Grown as People and The Magical Fulbright Experience, and I wrote about the dangers of being bludgeoned by mochi.  OH WELL.

Otherwise, nothing too exciting going on.  On Friday I went to a lecture at the Nanzan Institute for Religious Studies about Agonshu's use of satellite broadcasting, which was really good.  It was given in English too, which was nice, although I didn't have trouble following the discussion (in Japanese) afterwards.  I'm frustrated at the library for not having the books written by the lecturer, though.  GUH.
Otherwise I've just been bumming around and reading stuff for class.  It was pretty hard to read this afternoon while I was busy being overdosed on caffeine, which means that I should get back to reading now that I can focus my eyes without feeling like my head will explode.

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