Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In which I continue to bowl badly

A few of us from the dorm went bowling today. It was fun, although I am probably the worst bowler in the world.  After a while, I was happy every time I managed to hit more than one pin.  Fortunately, I didn't wind up in last or second to last, because for some reason, everyone decided that the two worst bowlers would have to buy the two best bowlers ice cream.
...of course, I can't be that proud of myself, 'cause one of the girls who placed below me wound up hurting her finger and bowling the entire last round (set? I dunno bowling terms) left-handed, and the other girl was literally dropping her bowling ball onto the lane.
The guy who came in first managed to bowl three strikes in a row on the last round, so that was dang impressive to see.

Don't have much else to talk about, except that I wound up talking to an Australian guy about the Australian legal system...?  Apparently there are two different kinds of lawyers--lawyers who do stuff in courts and lawyers who don't do stuff in courts.

Nothing else terribly exciting going on over here, so, uh, have a song about dinosaurs on Westminster Bridge.

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