Monday, September 12, 2011

Leaving in the morning

I give you an incredibly exciting picture of my half-packed suitcases from this afternoon (they are now entirely packed).

(You can also see my incredibly packed bookcase and the pile of books that don't fit on my bookcase.  Yay!)

P.S. This picture thing was mostly to test that I can upload photos from my camera to my computer, thanks to my handy-dandy turn-an-XD-card-into-something-you-can-actually-read converter.

I'll be leaving for Japan tomorrow (well, actually, today, now that it's after midnight) morning, so I probably won't have internet (or sanity) for a while.  I'll post as soon as I have internet (which will hopefully be at the hotel in Tokyo), but I may be horribly jet-lagged and not make any sense.  So consider yourselves warned.

I should probably sleep, but instead I will double check that I actually packed the things I'm supposed to pack.  Hurrah.

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