Sunday, September 18, 2011

In which I wander around a lot

Once again, not a terribly exciting day.  I wound up doing some shopping at the konbini*, and then doing some laundry (which was exciting, because I then had to find places to hang all the things too long to be hung on my clothesline).  Then I wandered around Nagoya until I found a department store so I could buy a towel, and then hung around in my dorm room until I gave up on my suitemates ever making their presence known and went downstairs to the common room for the whole dorm, where I Actually Met Some People.  Also, someone mistook me for a girl who got severely drunk last night?  It was an awkward conversation (in Japanese):

Japanese girl: Oh, hi!  Are you okay?
Me: ...yes?
JG: You were really drunk last night.
Me: ...uh...
JG: Everyone was really worried.
Me: ...uh...a different person... [I'll completely lose my Japanese when I'm nervous or taken by surprise, which is kind of a pain.]
JG: Oh.  Oh!  But you went last night, right?
Me: ...I moved in yesterday...?
JG: Oh!  Oh, I'm so sorry!  It's nice to meet you!  Wow, that must have been really unexpected!  Sorry!

Something I still haven't gotten used to is that everyone leaves the front door of their suite open.  This means that I do stupid things like go into the wrong suite (that was horrifyingly embarrassing and I apologized about a million times), but it also means that while I was eating dinner, a random girl burst into the suite, tore into the Taiwanese girl's room, and began shouting in Chinese.  Two minutes later, she went tearing out the door again.  It was all very surreal.  Even if my suitemates leave the front door open, I'm locking the door to my room, 'cause seriously.

Anyway, I am tired, so I will probably just work on my Japanese blurb thing and then turn in for the night.  My sleep schedule has been so weird lately.

*Konbini are the best.  Konbini literally means "convenience store," but they sell EVERYTHING.  Need shampoo?  They've got it.  Need an extraordinarily large amount of tea?  They've got it.  Need a whole meal?  They've got it, and it probably won't cost you more than 500 yen, plus it'll actually taste good.

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